KIMIDE Resource & Waste Management

Since 2011 at the service of the circular economy!

Welcome to KIMIDE

KIMIDE is an International Resource and Waste Management Company located in Kabelsketal, GERMANY.

KIMIDE was founded in 2011 as “Born Global” by Mr. Emile HOUNDJO with the ultimate goal of reducing the amount of waste streams by bringing them back into the supply chain as resources, to identify and to transfer the best practice technologies in waste management that facilitate the world's transition to a circular economy.

The operative activities - Resource and Waste Management - of the company are managed from Germany.

KIMIDE has its own warehouse in Germany – the company also uses transshipment points across Europe in order to minimize logistic costs. 

KIMIDE is licensed as waste trader and broker according to § 54 of the German Recycling Management Act (KrWG).

As waste broker, KIMIDE provides practical support services that help its partners to

  • REDUCE the amount of waste they produce,
  • REUSE waste as resources or pass them to others to do so,
  • RECYCLE by segregating materials which cannot be reused,
  • RECOVER energy from materials which can’t be recycled,
  • DISPOSE resources only as a last resort.

From the beginning of its activities, KIMIDE has been joining Ecology and Economy to close the loops!

Our Main Markets: Germany, Europe, Asia, Africa
Our Correspondence Languages: German, English, French

What We Buy/Sell - See Resource Management

What Services We Offer - See Waste Management

Since 2011, KIMIDE has been managing resources and waste more sustainably both economically and legally in order to achieve the required environmental standards and to close the loops!