KIMIDE Resource & Waste Management

Since 2011 at the service of the circular economy!

Waste Management Services

Since 2011 we have been providing Transboundary Outsourcing Waste Management Services to businesses and industry mainly in Germany and Europe.

Non-hazardous Waste 

We help our partners to separate recyclable and recoverable from non-recyclable or non-recoverable materials in order to conserve resources and minimise waste by maximising their recoverable and recyclable waste including plastic, rubber, wood, paper, textile, cardboard, metal. The recyclables and recoverables are sold as secondary raw materials to our industrial clients all over the world.

The non-recyclable or non-recoverable fractions are primly sent to technological plants such cement kilns, where they are used as alternative fuels (waste-derived fuels) in order to save fossil fuels and to reduce the costs of cement production.

Hazardous Waste